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Bourbon Barrel Style wine

Now available at The Wine Cellar

Bourbon Barrel Style Red: It has a more intense set of aromas and flavors. Sweet vanilla, caramel, and toasty notes on the nose complimented by red fruit. The palate is smooth and juicy with a long oak finish.  Try it with grilled steak, BBQ ribs or hard cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano, gouda and smoked cheddar. 

Bourbon Barrel Style White: It has bold flavor and richness in the wine. Tropical fruit, vanilla, and toasty notes on the nose. The palate is full bodied with a long oak finish. Pairs with crab, mushroom soup, seafood risotto, aged cheddar cheeses, and even buttery popcorn.


Celebrate Summer with White Sangria

Now available at The Wine Cellar



Sparkling Wines.

We offer a great choice of Sparkling wines.If you like Prosecco or Champagne style wines, there are several wines in our selection that can be made in these styles. You can choose to have the whole batch or a half batch sparkled.

Aging in Oak Barrels

Oak Barrel Aging Now Available

Experience the difference barrel aging can make to the taste of your wines. The Wine Cellar will transfer your wines to quality European oak barrels during the wine making process.

While your wine is developing, the character of the wood is imparted in the wine adding flavour, tannins and depth of colour. The finished wine is rich in fruit flavour and aromatics, boasts complex character and quiet, soft tannins offering greater taste satisfaction for early consumption.



Last Summer we added the bag-in-a-box method as a choice in bottling your wine. With the use of the bag-in-a-box systemthere is no longer any work involving in cleaning, storing or hauling bottles, and at no extra cost for the bags. The reusable, custom made wooden box can be purchased at $19.95.

When the wine is consumed no air enters the bag keeping your wine safe from the harmful effects of oxidation, ensuring a better shelf life of your wine.

Each bag holds 4.5 L of wine. If your interested in the bag-in-a-box and would still prefer some bottles, batches are not required to be prepared purely in bottles or bags. All the batches have the availability to be placed in a mixture of the two according to individual preference.