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Deeply energetic, captivating and attractive, these five charismatic creatures hailing from Australia and South Africa – Vivid, Majestic, Alluring, Dazzling, and Elegant

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Aromatic and feathery yet passionately intense, VIVID embodies new-world sophistication as the most distinguished blend in the room! Charming with its complex red fruit flavours, this spicy Australian Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre extrovert is not only socially adored, but a fiery entertainer with a vibrant and invigorating personality.

Spicy flare with a nose of juicy red fruits and ripe cherries. Smoked meatiness and chocolate flavour on the palate. Tannins are feathery and velvety smooth.

Oak: Medium| Body: Medium| Sweetness: Dry

Food Pairings:
A sublime pairing for Braised Beef Stew, Lamb & Rosemary Pie or Chicken Schnitzel.


Making a splash with its premium signature style, MAJESTIC swirls an instant attraction. Fruit driven and regally crisp, this fragrant Australia Semillion Sauvignon Blanc sings harmoniously together. Beautifully balanced with a graceful succulence, never has a spectacular blend been so melodically intriguing.


A fresh bouquet of ripe apples, pear and gooseberry with a hint of oak. Delicate grassy and herbaceous flavour notes. Deliciously aromatic with a medium-long finish.

Oak: Light | Body: Light | Sweetness: Dry

Food Pairings:
An enchanted match for Oven Roasted Cherry Tomato Salmon Trout, Grilled Garlic & Herb Prawns or Creamy Chicken Risotto.


Velvety, sensual and romantic at heart, ALLURING sparks an undeniable attraction worthy of turning heads around the globe. Ripe and plush with a soft finish, this arousing plummy Australian Merlot pulls you right into the glass. Adored for its wildly popular taste and easy-going charm, it’s not surprising that this irresistible beauty captivates winemakers everywhere.


Wonderfully fleshy with big hits of plum, jam, raisin and red berries. Gently spiced, silky tannins and a smoky oak finish, round out a phenomenally suave demeanor.

Oak: Medium | Body: Medium| Sweetness: Dry

Food Pairings:
Pairs beautifully with Root Vegetable Pork Roast, Gruyère Potatoes au Gratin or Peppery Sausage Lasagna.



This fast-paced double-step falls in line with militant precision, marching in time to the call of the military bugle – it will not be denied! With more than two clusters per shoot,
El Pasodoble’s Petit Verdot – “little green” flushes with intensity in a quick-stepping,
double-the-speed performance ripe with passion – bold, with vanilla spice and rich fruits.
Double the excitement, thrill to the allure, and enticingly plush depths of the El Pasodoble’s Petit Verdot – a larger-than life experience shouldn’t be missed – ¡Olé!

Tasting Notes: A bold, full-bodied wine, ripe with hints of juicy fruit and spice, indulge in velvety-smooth, leathery tannins with vanilla and oak undertones.

Oak: Medium
Body: Full
Sweetness: Dry

Food Pairings: Enjoy with gazpacho, stuffed piquillo peppers, chorizo, or pepper and
onion traditional tortillas.


Intriguingly floral and luxuriously lithe, ELEGANT upholds an impressive and well-balanced swagger. This exceptionally bright South African Chenin Blanc Chardonnay Viognier is exquisitely adaptive and wildly versatile. Lingering citrus notes and herbaceous aromas inspire a stylish, respected and fiercely beloved blend that lingers long past its first encounter.


Divine pink grapefruit, pear, peach, lemon and citrus aromas burst like sunshine on the palate! Floral undertones and delicate spice leave a nuanced mouthfeel.

Oak: Unoaked | Body: Medium| Sweetness: Dry

Food Pairings:
Couple with Sage Butter Chicken, Pan-Roasted Lobster with Chive Beurre Blanc or Grilled Pork & Apple Salad.

Celebrate Summer with White Sangria

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Sparkling Wines.

We offer a great choice of Sparkling wines.If you like Prosecco or Champagne style wines, there are several wines in our selection that can be made in these styles. You can choose to have the whole batch or a half batch sparkled.

Aging in Oak Barrels

Oak Barrel Aging Now Available

Experience the difference barrel aging can make to the taste of your wines. The Wine Cellar will transfer your wines to quality European oak barrels during the wine making process.

While your wine is developing, the character of the wood is imparted in the wine adding flavour, tannins and depth of colour. The finished wine is rich in fruit flavour and aromatics, boasts complex character and quiet, soft tannins offering greater taste satisfaction for early consumption.



Last Summer we added the bag-in-a-box method as a choice in bottling your wine. With the use of the bag-in-a-box systemthere is no longer any work involving in cleaning, storing or hauling bottles, and at no extra cost for the bags. The reusable, custom made wooden box can be purchased at $19.95.

When the wine is consumed no air enters the bag keeping your wine safe from the harmful effects of oxidation, ensuring a better shelf life of your wine.

Each bag holds 4.5 L of wine. If your interested in the bag-in-a-box and would still prefer some bottles, batches are not required to be prepared purely in bottles or bags. All the batches have the availability to be placed in a mixture of the two according to individual preference.